I want to ask you why you use ember or angular in your projects. I already wrote a comparison about popular comments solutions in rails applications, but this is something differrent. That was the easy thing, but here I have a real problem. First of all, I want to clarify few things:

  • This article isn’t a tutorial or any other type of post which is created to share my knowledge about the topic.
  • It isn’t a post to answer for the question in the title so if you looking forward to hear my opinion about why do you use ember or angular, you wiill be dissapointed, so just skip it.
  • This article is just a question. I really want to hear about advantages Ember provides and really please you about help. And anything below is just explanation of my doubts. Tell me in the comments if you have any knowledge about ember and if you know reasons why I should use it still instead of switching to AngularJS.

Ember or angular? Pros and cons.


What in Ember I like

I am mainly the Ruby developer and most of my applications are based on ruby on Rails. I’m good in that and I’m enjoyed how fast those applications are created. When we talk about external apps, like ember, I really like how easy they can be integrated with rails routing. This allows me to create javascript applications in similar speed I previously created them in Rails only.

There are lot of problems with that though, and as far as I don’t know something important about getting knowledge about ember, it seems that EmberJS isn’t the best tool to do the stuff so I started to wonder if should I choose Ember of Angular for new projects. Here is why:

What in Ember I don’t like

I used Emberjs for a time and really enjoyed it, but learning EmberJS was a pain in a bottom especially when I compared it with Rails what I’m specialised at. The EmberJS documentation is horrible. I often found lot of problems with finding solution for even very basic stuff.

The community is very small comparing to Angular, and because of that not very much useful tutorials and good articles are prepared already. The most annoying thing however is that in almost every article the same thing is done in different way – so if I wan’t to go through conventions, it’s very hard for me to do my work. This also can be because of bad documentation – I have feeling that sometimes I need to be inside of Ember’s creators minds to understand why something is done in the way it was designed.

I feel that all those things are reasons why the community is lower. And the fact that google are Angular’s sponsor.

I don’t like thinking that most popular tools are the best tools. Often they aren’t, but the marketing and money behind it makes crowds thinking that it’s the only or the best tool in this sort of area. But when we talk about community, it is something meaningful. Because for any open source project, the community make rules. The community makes the project going on. The community pushes it forward, allows it to evolve.

Without community project dies alone.

And when we compare Ember or Angular, we can see the difference in an easy way. Google pays a lot to angular developers, so they want to do the stuff to make it better. Even if it wasn’t better than ember before, it makes progress much faster, so probably it is better right now.

If you don’t believe me, the very nice example for show you my point is an ionic framework, based on angular and designed for simple creating mobile apps based on web version of this app. For ember, I didn’t find anything so spectacular, which means, creating mobile app takes longer.

This is why I would be very glad if someone of you just will share your opinion about it. I want to start brand new project, and I’m going to decide if I will go with Ember or Angular with that.

Please, tell me in the comments why do you use ember instead of Angular and in what case it is still better. Thanks!

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